About Momentum


Momentum Sales & Marketing

Without Momentum in Sales & Marketing, enthusiasm evaporates and business slows down. Momentum Sales & Marketing reignites the spark as a marketing support service that offers a vast array of tools and solutions to get that project underway or gear up for a sales push.

It’s that extra pair of experienced hands that you can call on when you need help. Momentum Sales & Marketing can be a great extension of your existing team or even a complete marketing support service.

With more than 25 years of experience of B2B sales and marketing functions gained across sectors from industrial, to commercial and retail and from small business to multi-national corporations, we have proven practical knowledge.

Momentum Sales & Marketing strips out the marketing jargon and demonstrates that with careful planning it is a tool that will not let you down. Marketing is more than an added expense it is a tool that provides years of ongoing benefits.

Key strengths

  • Strategic marketing
  • Communications
  • Sales
  • Visual marketing