What to ask when planning to exhibit

What is the single most important thing you want a visitor to your stand to remember when they walk away? They will only remember one thing. Often planning the look and feel of the stand is put before more important things, like what you want to promote or the messages you want to communicate. No Read More

Sales, Marketing, Communications

Appreciate to communicate Small business, sole trader or large company, you need to ensure your sales and marketing works in collaboration with your entire business.Appreciation and communication, these are the keys to your business prospects. Sales people are the face of your business and in the background is the marketing focus that carries out planning, Read More

Media Connections

Don’t manage the media Mention working with the media and most SMEs duck for cover, it’s too hard and fraught with disaster. SMEs will point to much larger companies with in-house media experts and say even they can’t manage the media. We didn’t say manage the media, we said work with the media. It’s a Read More